Techno World Championship Beat The Heat

The Techno 293 and 293 Plus World Championship witnessed some tough weather conditions; however, they managed to complete its schedule of competition on 26 October 2016. Now, elimination state of completion has come closer. According to sources, weather in the coming week will remain favorable and will allow championship to go smooth. 474 participants from 33 countries are taking part in this championship and good weather condition in the coming week is news of relief to them.

The weather condition before 26 October was less than favorable for sailing. Yet, some of the participants showed remarkable performance. The participant from Italy and European champion Giorgia Speciale, completed six races and won five out of them under-17 class. Geronimo Nores of America showed similar performance and in male under-17 class, he secured a decent position in six races and turn out as a winner in three of them.

Under-15 level race too, there was cut throat competition and participants did really well. Here, in male category both Eyal Zror of Israel and Alexandros Kalpogiannakis of racked up two wins. In addition to two wins both secured second position in two races out of remaining four. Both have the same points.

In the female category, Mathilde Garandeau of France performance was best in class, but she was not the only one to have shown noteworthy act. Her teammate Jariel Elisa and Mak Cheuk Wing of Hong Kong are giving tough competition to her. In the final round of Techno 293 and 293 Plus World Championship, the sailors will be separated for gold and silver. Both participants and viewers suggest it will be an exciting affair.

The final racing will happen on 29 October and viewers can watch this championship final round on event website. Live pictures and videos of race are available on the event’s site.

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