Family moves around the world in Wellington

Chucking out long office hours and kids’ school commutes, the Herne family lives life in a different way – traveling the world on a yacht. Parents James and Hannah along with children 10 year old Joshua, 6 year old Sadie and 4 year old Jacob, love their yacht life. They have already visited thirty-nine nations and covered 25000 nautical miles along their path.

The pair began their yacht journey from the United Kingdom to St Helena, where James is from. They have carries on their journey since that time. At present, they are berthed at Seaview Marina, Lower Hutt. In fact, they have been there since December 2014.

Sail round the world
They have stayed on the boat for around ten years altogether, having initially bought it froma Yacht Chartering company, and almost non-stop since the year 2011 when they began long-term cruising around England, Ireland and Wales. They have also sailed around the United Kingdom, South Africa, the Caribbean, Brazil Panama and the Pacific. Now, they are in New Zealand.

Hannah told that their life style is really amazing. She gets to spend so much time with her family kids, and that is what this is all about. Hannah is from Hawera, New Zealand, who lived in UK for many years. Her brother and sister lives in Wellington.

When they came in New Zealand, last year, it had been sixteen years since Hannah had come to New Zealand. This is the very first time that James and the kids are coming here.

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