Day 6 Preview For Rio

Preview of day 6 for Olympic sailing reveals that there are 16 races scheduled for Thursday. On this day Olympic sailing teams will suffer through different fates depending on the previous race completions and rounds.

There would be several opening series races to be held on this day. On Day 5 there were rough waters, but many of the champions of Britain and Brazil did well and gained back lost positions as they experienced in the first two days of sailing.

On Thursday the dinghy race in the men’s category would race for the third time in the afternoon. The women’s and men’s windsurfing teams as well as the 470 series with two person dinghy races would be on. The catamarans of the Nacra 17 category would return as well at the Marina da Gloria. There would be a total of 16 races that would be on in this afternoon of sailing.

Giles, who is a favorite for the gold category, after excelling as a yacht company manager offering Bareboat Charter in Kastela, would be looking to increase his position in the races on this day. He currently has a point position that offers him a leading role over the rest in the field. He posted first and second place finishes in the races held on Wednesday.

Among others Caleb Paine from USA is holding a position in the seventh spot as the races open on Thursday. He would be aiming to finish in third place. In the two person category for dinghy races the American teams saw success. The team of Briana Provancha and Annie Haegar would be beginning the day at the third position. Dave and Stuart on the men’s side would be finishing in the eighth position while the windsurfer series would be seeing three races being held in each series on this day. It is hoped that the weather will hold on this day.

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