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Local Instructor Wants to Achieve Top Spot in Regatta

David Ames had many reasons to be proud of including Chuck Tanner, Karen Jones, and Katrina and Brad West. These are the students of David Ames. He has been tutoring them and they took part in the 1st of the 4 days of racing at fifty-second Flying Scot Midwinter Regatta. The students mentioned above have […]

A Heartbreaking Loss

The famous Brit Sailor Alex Thomson did not get the gold in the transatlantic race and this is mainly attributed to the penalty he acquired in the final stages of the match. This penalty lasted for around 24 hours. It was Paul Meilhat from France who won the race after being at around 12 days […]

Puducherry Regatta: Sailing Through The Tides

The Puducherry regatta which was organized for the very first time aims to encourage the sport of the place, train newbies and also urge sports lovers to overcome fears of the sea. In the January of 2018, the coastline of Puducherry will be dotted with neat little sails. In the regatta around 50 sailors from […]

Jimmy Buffett Promoting Regatta At St. Barts

Jimmy Buffett is well aware of hurricanes and sailing, therefore, the singer-and the songwriter has been enlisted to help and promote a regatta on the St. Barts, Caribbean Island and show that life is returning to normal after the hit of Hurricane Irma at the place in September. Buffett will serve as ambassador of the U.S. […]