A Heartbreaking Loss

The famous Brit Sailor Alex Thomson did not get the gold in the transatlantic race and this is mainly attributed to the penalty he acquired in the final stages of the match. This penalty lasted for around 24 hours. It was Paul Meilhat from France who won the race after being at around 12 days on the sea. Thomson is aged 44 and the penalty was incurred as a result of the crashing into the Monohull and he had used the engine in order to set himself free and all this drama happened at just about 70 miles from the finish line.

This race which occurs once every four years had the Brit taking lead for most of the race. But the sailor admitted that the penalty which was imposed on him was absolutely fair and did not unfollow any of the rules that were written on the book, he also said that he had not been awake through an alarm while the boat was in the autopilot mode. He told that he had expected to arrive near the finish line and not simply hit it.

On the other hand, the French winner told that he could not believe what had just happened. He also thanked the misfortune of the Brit and also told that the race was intense and people were attacking hard in all. He also went on to say that the mistakes can prove costly especially in sailing and he is just hoping that the Brit is okay.

It is to see that how the Brit manages to recuperate from this heartbreaking loss and how we can find the victory that had eluded him in the further races. The sailing world also echoed the voice of the winner stating that the rules were indeed fair enough and there were no second thoughts about the decision.

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